Nannyma's Nibbles

Hi Everyone,

Nannyma here! Like you I have been following Erin’s sometimes deep, sometimes hilarious posts on Social Media and through her blog. As her mother, I am very proud of not only the writer she is becoming but the doting and ambitious parent that she is. I would love to take all the credit for that but I can’t.

Erin’s father and I separated shortly after she was born and I became a “single parent”. I use the inverted commas because there was never really any single parenting happening thanks to my mum and dad. With their help and my dad’s terminal unemployment, I was able to get a job, a flat and raise a pretty well-rounded, well educated child. Sure it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I have debts I’ll be paying off until they throw me into the great fire but isn’t that true for most families?

When Erin told me I was going to be a grandmother at the ripe old age of 43 I was both excited and petrified. I’d barely recovered from parenting a teenager and now I was going to be some poor sods granny! Anyway I have steadily evolved intomy new role and absolutely adore both of my grandchildren.

In my Nannyma’s Nibbles section you will find me talking about what it’s like to be a “young” granny in this day and age. Enjoy!