Mother Perry


Welcome to Mother of All That is Perry; a parenting and mental health blog created by me for parents like me. My name is Erin (Mother Perry) I’m a mum of two bonnie children and fiancee to a big beardy football fan. I like to think of myself as agony aunt, funny mum and wordsmith of all things parenting from icky tums and dirty bums to baby blues and the terrible two’s. You will find personal stories, parenting poems, advice and support.

Mother of All That is Perry

I’ve been a long time sufferer of Anxiety and I’ve had my experience with Post-Natal Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The PND and PTSD almost took my life but thankfully I’m here now and I want to help other parents who may be in the position I was. I want to fight the stigma and prove that your mental health does not have be 100% for you to be an amazing parent! It’s okay not to be okay.

Although mental health is a large focus on this blog so is parenting and womanhood. You’ll find topics such as teething, weaning, sleep deprivation, going “out” out and much more.

I started blogging about my journey through motherhood in August 2018 after announcing my second pregnancy. It was while talking to a few first time parents that I realised my experience as a mum of two and the advice that could be given from that. Since opening up about my experiences, I’ve had such positive feedback from parents, some even thanking me for the advice I have shared with them.

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