The Circus is in Town! Celebrating Zippo’s Magnificent Top Hat!

If you’ve never been to Zippo’s Circus before stop what you are doing right now and buy yourself some tickets. Tickets which start at £7.50 I might add.

Zippo’s Circus

Zippo’s Circus is not all clowns and acrobats. In fact there wasn’t a single clown face on stage, in this day and age I’d say that’s a good thing. However, the show did not lack in comedy thanks to the wonderful Paulo. The show was a dream come true and had a likeness to the Greatest Showman and Britain’s Got Talent rolled into one. Although, to describe Zippo’s exactly is impossible, you just have to go see it for yourself! 

Zippo’s Circus is an array of colour and culture! There were performers from all over the world, with many a different talent. From aerialists and acrobats to contortionist and jugglers, motorcyclists and tumblers, Zippo’s really has it all! The show was a roller-coaster of emotion as we were lead through, light hearted comedy to holding our breaths and peeking through fingers at the dangerous stunts performed right before our eyes!

The show stealer, though, was Ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE. That’s right! MBE! Norman has been at Zippo’s for a whopping 21 years and his experience shines through in his work. He has nothing but care and love for the circus and all the people involved. Not only is Norman the Ringmaster but he also has his own sweet act involving a number of budgies.

Ringmaster and his budgie act
Ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE and his budgies

At Zippo’s the audience was just as varied as the performers and everybody seemed to be having a magnificent time. In the words of Norman Barret MBE “You are never too old, never too young and never too cool to go to the circus”

“Never Too Young”

So, what are you waiting for? Zippo’s is touring Glasgow until the end of June and touring the rest of the UK until November. Tickets are available from the Zippo’s website. 

A little piece of handy information for mums: 

“Zippo’s Circus presents a gift to beat all others: membership of Zippo’s Circus Family, entitling your little one to make their first visit to Zippo’s Circus free of charge! Just email us to receive a colourful certificate with an admission voucher that’s valid for life. Don’t forget to tell us your baby’s name and address when you email us at:”

8 thoughts on “The Circus is in Town! Celebrating Zippo’s Magnificent Top Hat!

    1. It was such an unexpected act but man they had my heart. You can use the link at the bottom and sign him up now because the free pass is valid for life haha

  1. Sounds amazing! I’ve never been to a circus like this (probably due to my obsession with horror films, and circuses never turn out well….) But this looks really fun and totally non-threatening, haha.

    1. Haha yeah I understand that feeling! This was my first Circus because I have a dreadful fear of clowns, so it was really nice to be able to go home without nightmares

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