Creating a Unisex Bedroom with Wall Stickers

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For the time being, us Perry’s stay in a two bedroom house. This means we have a girl and a boy sharing the same room. We don’t believe in the whole “boy’s can’t have pink” chat but the fact is, as renters, we were asked to keep the house in neutral colours. So, we had to think of inventive ways to create a Unisex room that also gives the children a personal touch. See how we created just that with our Unicorn and Peppa Pig Wall Stickers


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I came across Stickerscape through a friend and oh my goodness I’m addicted! I did not know how beautiful and creative wall stickers could be until I saw their range. 

Stickerscape have everything from Spaceships and Unicorns to Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine! All their wall stickers come in various sizes too so you can pick to suit you. 

Lottie’s Unicorn Sticker

Lottie adores Peppa Pig but also adores unicorns (seriously everything on her bed is a unicorn from the bedding to each of her teddies). I wanted her to choose her own sticker so that the bedroom would feel personal to her. I intended on choosing Kieran’s but Lottie really couldn’t choose between a Peppa one or a unicorn one and so she also chose Kieran’s. 

Applying The Stickers

The stickers arrived and I couldn’t wait to open them. I was just as excited as Lottie! We cracked them out and were not disappointed. The stickers are so clean cut and colourful. They come with very easy to read instructions and mostly recyclable packaging. 

Kieran’s George Pig Sticker

Applying them was so easy, although definitely go slow! The bigger the sticker, the slower you go. Simply peel one side, stick it to the wall then peel the remaining side. If you’d like a little more information on how to apply click here. Once they were on the wall they looked fantastic! 

If you’d like to get your hands on a £20 eVoucher for Stickerscape, head over to my Instagram where you can enter our giveaway! Good luck! 

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