Contractions With Kieran: Part 2

Contractions With Kieran: Part 2 Title

Hopefully if you’re here it means you read Contractions With Kieran: Part 1. If you haven’t, you might want to go and do that now.


Contractions With Kieran: Part 2 Title


 So, Where Were We? 

After the majority of water had left my body, the midwife (who was so lovely and kind) tried to get some clothes on me. We managed to get my knickers on before realizing I’d drenched my pretty, new nightie that I’d bought for giving birth in. You may be laughing at me if you are aware of the realities of giving birth. However, my first birth ended with photos of me looking like a sack of tatties in this rank beige nightgown! All be it comfy, it really is an ugly piece of clothing (sorry mum).


Showing off my ugly nightgown


Anyway it seemed as though my apparel wishes were not meant to be this time either. However, by this point I could not care less! That’s right I left my dignity (or what little I had left of it) at the door this time. The midwife offered to fetch me a hospital gown but I refused. I waddled to the birthing suite in my undies. At that time in the morning it was all ladies in the maternity ward anyway.

From The Ward to The Suite

On our way down to the suite my uterus tried it’s damnedest to keep me from getting there. Although I was only 4 cm dilated my contractions were at most 2 minutes apart, you see that’s my uterus’ party trick. It was the same when I had Charlotte. My uterus hates me. I gave into it with Charlotte and played the victim but not this time. This time I was determined to best it. We walked as far as I could between contractions and then when a contraction came I paused and breathed it out. My midwife was very impressed and I even managed to give a few of the ladies a giggle when I started jogging between my contractions out of frustration and impatience.



I arrived at the birthing suite and the midwife who was going to deliver my baby greeted us with an awkward smile. She asked my midwife “So who will I be looking after down here?” to which my current midwife burst out laughing and replied “This is Erin”. I assumed the confusion was because I wasn’t expected until 9 am at earliest and it was only just after midnight. My assumption was quickly shot down when they started up a conversation about how large my bump was even after my waters breaking. I hadn’t even looked at my stomach since but I now noticed it hadn’t “dropped” like it did with Charlotte. I don’t think my new midwife was convinced I was even dilated.

Get This Baby Out

Now for the fun bit: active labour! I didn’t write a birthing plan this time because I wanted a more relaxed feel…why should I have to create an itinerary for pushing a child out my vajayjay? However, under NO circumstances was I to have an epidural. HELL YES I wanted the injection to help deliver my placenta. Medication wise I had planned on going au natural but that didn’t happen however unlike my labour with Lottie, I was happy with my decisions this time.


I lasted about 40 minutes in the suite before asking for Gas and Air. The midwife had me on my back for some checks and to attach a monitor to Kieran’s head, that’s when the pain got worse. After that, my sister and Stuart finally turned up! “It’s about bloody time” I shouted! I mean that was an hour since they’d been contacted, women have given birth in minutes before. I told them to make themselves at home and pulled a “Chandler” and cracked a few socially awkward jokes too but by that point the Gas and Air was doing it’s job and I was pretty high.

The Dramatic Last Push

Fast forward to 3.20 am, I can recall screaming in pain, not at my contractions but at a shooting pain in my leg. The midwife, Stuart and Chloe were holding my hands and urging me to accept morphine. They couldn’t believe I was actually screaming because of my leg. I decided to take the morphine because I started to believe it couldn’t be my leg that was sore and it was actually the Gas & Air sending me loopy. The midwife administered the morphine and then at 3.30 am the midwife decide to go for her break as nothing seemed to progressing. She checked my cervix and off she went.

In ten minutes I went from 6 cm dilated to the full 10 cm! Between 3.40 am and 3.53 am it’s all a blur for me. The morphine and exhaustion had clearly kicked in by this point but what I do remember is: severe cramping in my leg, to which my sister was asked to press against; a team of doctors being rushed in because Kieran’s heart rate had dropped; being asked to change position and screaming in pain at my leg; asking if it was too late for a C-Section (still joking, obviously); the bed being dismantled and my feet up in stirrups; both Stuart and Chloe’s hilariously shocked reaction to this and finally; my beautiful baby boy being born via assisted delivery at 3.53 am, weighing 9 lbs on the dot.

You might have read this and thought it sounded awful but to me it was perfect. I had no expectations on the way in and a fantastic experience to cherish forever on the way out.

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