Contractions With Kieran: Part 1

Following on from my first birth story “Labour With Lottie” I’m ready to share Kieran’s with you lovely lot! Read on to find out why getting induced was the best decision for me.


My Decision to Get Induced

It was a dark and stormy night… Okay not quite but it was dark and snowy. The 18th of January was the first day of snow in Scotland and boy was it coming down heavy. I remember my anxiety picking up throughout the day, to the point where I took two Kalms. You see, that night I was getting induced.

At my 36 week midwife appointment my stomach was measuring disconcertingly large so I was sent for a growth scan. The growth scan was interesting and funny at the same time with two sonographers making remarks like: “oh you’re having a big baby” and “oh he’s long”. This just made me laugh in agreement after having experienced first hand this boy running out of room over the past 8 months. After the scan I met with a doctor, she recommended early intervention and gave me 3 options.


An Elective C-Section

An Induction

Zero Intervention

A C-Section was out of the picture for me. In February 2018 I had a cyst surgically removed from behind my uterus which left me with a C-Section sized scar. The scar doesn’t bother me at all but the recovery time and effort was horrific. Kudos to all you ladies who have sections, I salute you! Zero intervention came with a lot of risks so an induction it was.


Checking In

We arrived at the hospital just before my 8pm check-in time. It was a bit of a surreal experience going in relaxed – a total contradiction to my labour with Lottie. I was taken to my bed where I was hooked up to the usual wires (one to check my pulse and one to check on baby). My midwife was so lovely and appreciated my awkward sense of humour which was quite comforting especially after my sister and Stuart were sent home at the end of visiting hours.



I was so nervous about both my birth partners leaving while I was being induced. Firstly because I knew I was already in early labour before the 18th, in fact I was in labour for the whole week leading up to it! This lead me to believe I wouldn’t make I to my 3rd pessary let alone the drip. Secondly, we live a good 20 minutes away from the hospital I was giving birth at. And finally, it was snowing very heavily which could potentially turn a 20 minute drive into an hours drive. I honestly thought I would be giving birth alone.

Pop Goes My Waters

Visiting finished at 10pm and at 11.30pm my contractions started becoming very painful. Most women time their contractions but I’ve never been lucky enough to get to do that because both times my contractions have only had a few minutes between them from the get go. At just after midnight my waters broke. Scratch that. My waters flooded the ward!


There I was lay on a nice dry, comfy bed and the next it was like a scene from the titanic. Every time I tried to get up from the bed more water came pouring out. Eventually giving in and waited to be swept off the bed by the next wave. I finally managed to get up and hobble over to the door of my ward. Having  to shout up the corridor because there was no way I would make it to the desk without causing a slip hazard. You see most women who get induced usually need their waters broken or at least don’t carry as much fluid as I was from what I could gather.


As one of the nurses mopped the floor behind me, my midwife led me down to the birth suite…

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